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Supported platforms

Smart TV

All you have to do is connect an internet cable to your smart TV, download our SledovaniTV application and you can watch your favorite shows online in HD quality.

The application is available for Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Hisense TVs and TVs with the AndroidTV operating system.

If you plan to buy a new TV, here are a few models on which we test the application and guarantee its full functionality.

Tv boxes

If you have an Apple TV or set-top box with AndroidTV, simply download our app and watch in a moment.

Mobile device

Very popular facility for travel or cottage. They are smaller, but can handle all the functions of a large television. Download our mobile TV app.

Other devices

Just log in to our site or connect your chromecast to your TV and you can have over 140 TV channels at your fingertips.