Doorbells and audio/video phones

We install a large number of home audio and video phones. It is always up to the customer to choose which system to choose. It is always necessary to see the installation and arrange it directly at the place of installation and below we show only one of the options.

Modular type door stations for multi-party systems with direct push-button dialing. Color camera, 1/3 "CCD, direct apartment / room button selection, loudspeaker. Access card reader. Expansion to more buttons with expansion modules. Lock and exit button control. Stainless steel cover. BDU support in all modes.
It is possible to turn on voice navigation in the Czech language for the visitor. The visitor receives voice notifications from the door station: a call is in progress, you can talk, the door is open, the call is ended, the address is unavailable.
Comfortable color TFT 4 "home monitor with capacitive touch screen.
Designed for 2-wire house system D2. Interface in Czech.
The monitor has a button for selecting cameras and previewing the door station. OSD menu.
The monitor allows you to connect to home Wi-Fi. Then any smartphone with a SIP application (eg open source Linphone) can be paired with the monitor. You can then conveniently answer the call from your door station on your smartphone. The application allows audio-video communication, you can even open the lock. It doesn't matter if you are with your phone on home Wi-Fi or on the Internet anywhere in the world. Both the monitor and your SIP application (eg Linphone) is registered with the SIP provider of the manufacturer, which is free. From 2020, a fee of CZK 200 per year is expected (only needed if you want to communicate outside your Wi-Fi network).
Intercom support and second lock control. Entrance for the bell in front of the apartment. External bell output. Allows you to name the list of names for intercom dialing, change the name of the door stations.

Audio telephone for 2-wire house system D2. It can also work as an expansion phone (slave mode) for the home monitor.
Support for the control of the second lock. Entrance for the bell in front of the apartment.